Gift Cards

Not sure what to buy your yoga teacher friend?
Maybe they could use some tech help?

I got the perfect gift!
You can gift them my time & tech support!

This is how it works:


Pick a package

There are three packages, choose the one that sounds best!
When in doubt, pick the 1 hour.


Buy a coupon

Pay for your selected package & get instant access to a coupon code that your yoga teacher friend can redeem!


Redeem coupon

Your yoga teacher friend can straight away book time with me in my calendar and use their coupon!

Choose your gift

This is for your yoga teacher friend if you know they could use a little push or help to keep going with building their online yoga business.

It's a 1 hour adventure where we (might) hop on zoom and get stuff done!
They can ask me as many questions as they'd like, we can work on something together, I can send them some unicorn magic and motivation or they can tell me what to do and I spend this one hour doing the thing!

Perfect for yoga teachers who are feeling overwhelmed or who need just a little help to keep going.


This is for your yoga teacher friend ifyou know they want to start a new project, but never get around to do it. Or if they have a blooming business and never have time for a cup of tea with you. Then I take over some stuff so you two can have that cup of tea.

It's a 5 hour adventure, but just like with Netflix, you decide when you want to play! They have access to me for up to 5 hours, which expires in 3 months.
OR: we can go on a full-day adventure. We hop on zoom in the morning and get stuff done in 5 hours (we can have yoga & dance breaks).


This is for your yoga teacher friend who already has an established online business.

It's a 3 month adventure where they get my unlimited* support for their business. They can hit me up with endless questions on whatsapp, hop on zoom calls when they need, send any tasks my way that need to get done. I can also sub for their yoga classes so that you two can have a cup of tea.
*unlimited, within reasonable limits, up to 20 hours in the 3 months


Pick your Gift:

1 hour of Katie


5 hours of


3 months of
unlimited Katie