Hosting Your First Online Yoga Class

Everything you need to start teaching yoga online!

This is what you'll learn in this webinar:

How to come up with what you'll teach online

online everything is possible, not just you 60-90 minute vinyasa yoga class!

Where to find students for your class

after this you'll have many, many tools to get students for your class


how to set up everything going from super simple to building an online business & all the tools you need
(this part might be why you want to check this webinar out, but might also sound scary and overwhelming. after this, you'll know all you need and gain the confidence to actually do it. I got you.)

What to consider when hosting an online yoga class

online is different than in person. we talk holding space, how to set up your space and what tech you might use

What to do after the class is done

spoiler alert: CELEBRATE! but also how to collect reviews, reflecting, setting up your next class!

So yeah, everything.
Oh, and...

Mini-workshops & templates

  • Mini-workshops
    if I'd only tell you all this stuff, when will you find the time to actually do it? so we will get stuff done right away during the webinar.
  • Templates
    for writing emails, social media posts and more to get you going

Course Curriculum

Course Pricing