Who is the transformer unicorn?

Hi there, beautiful being!

My name is Katie and I’m your yogi tech girl.

 I have always been going back and forth between computers and people. I have a bachelors in Psychology (lots of people stuff, but guess who specialised in neuropsychology and AI? hehe). Then I got a masters degree in Statistics. From that education I entered the work force as statistician, just to find out how constricting those Excel cells can be.  

Fast forward to being burnt-out, lost in the world (actually travelling), quit my job and sold my house. I was so unsure about my next step and it was so scary! That’s when I decided to do a yoga teacher training.  

Maybe you recognise some of this story? Maybe you are still stuck in Excel, but with a yoga teacher certificate in your pocket? Maybe you are further along in your yoga career.

From the get go I wanted to build an online business. First off because I was still lost in the world, not very much settled and because I knew that would fit me better with my always present conflict between people and computers.  

That’s what led me to coming up with Transformer Unicorn (if you want to know why this name, scroll down). I love creative flow, I love making people smile, but with just teaching, I was missing my computer. I wanted to do a little bit more tech, but still yoga. Is that possible?! Oh yes.  

As I was going deeper into the yoga teacher world, I found that so many teachers only teach part-time, only dream about teaching, or the ones that teach full-time are or burning out or have a huge team supporting them.

I wanted to become a supporter of dreams.

Why You Should Work With Me

You are probably wondering what I can help you with, what I’m actually good at. You can find out about all that here!


Work experience

✨ Teaching online 30min/60min classes
@ Transformer Unicorn, since 2022
✨ Teaching in person and online 1-on-1 sessions
@ Transformer Unicorn, since 2022  
✨ Community Manager & Yoga Teacher
@ Yoga Vayu, since 2022  
✨ Community Manager & Teacher
@ Coming Home Retreat, since 2023
✨ Teaching weekly 60min classes
@ Community Center Kelpen-Oler, since 2023

Trainings & certifications

✨ 300hr Modern yoga YTT
with Heart + Bones Yoga
✨ 200hr Breath-based hatha yoga YTT
with Akasha Yoga Academy

✨ Anatomy workshops
with Alexandria Crow  
✨ Chair Yoga workshop
with Accessible Yoga School


Work experience

I grew up in a server room where my father worked, built my first website when I was 6 (it was a horse game haha), launched my first blog in 2003 that hit #1 most popular blog in Hungary at one point. Next I launched a youtube channel, joined facebook, twitter and instagram... Built a brain-game during my studies and an AI that could play games. Exploring tech is fun for me and therefore it's hard to say when the work started. :)

I launched this business in 2023 and helped many yoga teachers get the hang of tech and grow their business online since.

Trainings & certifications

✨ Instagram Intensive
with The Movement Maestro, 2023
✨ Digital Marketing
with Diego Davila, 2022
✨ Blogging Masterclass
with Brad Merrill, 2023
✨ Building a Second Brain
with Tiago Forte, 2022
✨ Scrum Master I
certificate acquired in 2021  
✨ Getting Things Done  
with David Allen, 2018


I know a little about a lot and a lot about a little.

I have worked with so many different platforms and software over the years, I try to keep this list in order of frequency and recency. So on top you can find what I probably work with currently and as you go down, you will find things that I have experience with, but might not currently use. This is a long list, so you can also use the search function if you’re looking for something specific. It is also by no means a complete list.
Keep in mind that as your yogi tech girl, I absolutely love and enjoy learning new platforms and I’m a quick learner. So if your preferred platform or program is not on the list, simply reach out and let’s talk!

✨ Notion
Use it every day, for my clients, for my business and also in my personal life. When we work together, unless you use a different platform, we will be keeping track of our work on Notion.
✨ New Zenler
The platform where I and some of my clients host their website.  
✨ Instagram
My preferred social media platform at the moment, use it multiple times a day (not to scroll, but actually to work: market research, schedule content for me & clients).  
✨ Capcut
I use it to edit and close caption videos for me & clients.  
✨ Canva
Please note here (!) I am not a designer. I help clients create content with their pre-existing templates.  
✨ Zoom
Fun fact: I have been running my own business with the free version of zoom for years. 😉 But also learned all the fancy stuff by working with clients.
The software I use to record my content (e.g. yoga classes).  
✨ Meta Business Suite
I use it to schedule content and to reply to messages for clients.  
✨ ChatGPT
Who isn’t using it by now, huh? It saves me time and you money when a lot of text is needed.  
✨ Airtable
My preferred platform for forms (e.g. student intake forms).  
✨ Asana
Good for keeping track of projects, not my preferred one, but use it for some clients.  
✨ Google
Don’t mean just the search, but mails, forms, sheets, you name it, I’ve probably seen it.  
✨ Discord
Is not just for gamers! I use it for community building and I’m in multiple book club servers.  
✨ Audacity
The software I use to edit podcasts.  
✨ Bluehost
Domain host for my blog.
✨ Wordpress
Your tech girl also had blogs and is familiar with Wordpress, also with things such as tagdiv.  
✨ Mailchimp
Used for mail campaigns for my blogs.
✨ Squarespace
Domain host for some of my clients.
✨ Convertkit
Used it for email sequences.
✨ Trello
Good for keeping track of projects, not my preferred one, but have experience with it.  
✨ Later
Used it to schedule content for clients.  
✨ Mighty Networks
Helped someone run an online community.  
✨ Slack
Used it for my work and for community building.
✨ Excel
This is where our roads part, my friend. I refuse to touch Excel since my days as statistician. 😂  

What do we have in common?

Let's connect, my (new) friend! Here are some fun facts about me, let's see if we share any of them!

I moved a lot in my life
I was born in Hungary, where I moved at least 4 times. I grew up in the Netherlands, where I moved at least 7 times. Then I decided to move to Slovenia, where I have already moved 3 times. I like adventures, but sometimes all I really crave is a stable home.

I used to work in the office
Oh yes, I was a statistician at one point! I thought I had a very important, adult job. But honestly, it dimmed my creativity so much, that experience is one of the things that keeps me going to spread the unicorn magic. 🦄

I read a LOT
Yep, total book nerd here!

I love potatoes
There are a few things that people will always tag me in on the socials: stuff with unicorns, transformers and potatoes. I just absolutely love potatoes.

I'm an early bird
I go to bed at 9pm. No matter what's going on, that's a hard rule. Then the next day I jump out of bed sometime between 5 and 7. 

Let's connect!

But really, why transformer unicorn?

You made it all the way to the end of this page, awesome!
You might still be wondering, okay, but why call yourself the transformer unicorn? It's so random!

Let me explain so that you can also soak in this magic. These words mean a lot to me. As a child, I was into Transformers and Unicorns. Pretty simple. But somehow, they were always in the back of my mind. It wasn't until much later that I realised it was not just about Transformers and Unicorns, but about something much deeper.  

Transformer: so yes, originally just the robots that can turn into cars. But now... a transformer is something like a caterpillar that is currently a goop but is about to turn into a butterfly. It's about the ever-changing nature of life. It's my favourite part of life. When there is a buzz in the air, the need for change, the unknown! It reflect my curiosity to always keep exploring.  

Unicorn: originally just my little pony and horse riding and all things pink. But now... a unicorn is a representation of all things silly, magical, mysterious. That sense of trust in the unknown, because deep down you know. It's also a symbol for union. Oneness. Belonging.  

...and I have a transformer unicorn.