Work with me &
Spread your magic

Go from overwhelmed & burnt out
to having fun in your yoga biz!

  • Are you a busy yoga teacher struggling to grow your business?
  • Do you find yourself caught up in online tasks that take away from your time teaching and practicing yoga? 
  • I am here to help you transform your yoga business into a happy place!

Get your personal unicorn!

That's me, your multi-talented, nerd yoga teacher!

This is what I can do for you:

  • website support
    let's build one!
    work on the one you have but hate!
    handling an overwhelming amount of content
  • social media support
    grow your online presence with a unicorn cheering you on
    create content that shows the REAL YOU
    schedule all the goods
    give you endless ideas for new content
  • community management
    connect with your students
    answer frequently asked questions
    sub for you when you need a day off
  • knowledge bank
    ask me anything business related
    get my notes from many courses and webinars
    endless creative ideas for new things for your business

Your stuff not on the list? No problem, the first connecting call is free, so let's chat and see what the options are!

Choose your adventure

You need some help RIGHT NOW to keep your business going? You need just a little extra support to keep going? You have a frustrating question that you can't find the answer for? Not ready to commit fully?

I got you.

This is a 1 hour adventure where we (might) hop on zoom and get stuff done!
You can ask me as many questions as you'd like, we can work on something together, I can send you some unicorn magic and motivation or you tell me what to do and I spend this one hour doing the thing!

Perfect for yoga teachers who are feeling overwhelmed, who need just a little help to keep going.

This is how it works:
- book a connecting call & tell me what you need help with
(if you are already a client of mine, find me on whatsapp to book me for another hour)
- plan our date or book my working time in my calendar (you pay when you book)
- we hop on zoom to create magic or I do the agreed upon work at the scheduled time

That's it! Then you're ready to take on the day!

Your investment:

You have this big project in your head that you never have the time or energy to create. You have all these routine tasks that take up too much of your time or you just hate doing them. You need support at random moments. You need to sit down for a day and get stuff done. Ready?

This is a 5 hour adventure, but just like with Netflix, you decide when you want to play! You have access to me for up to 5 hours, which expires in 3 months.
OR: you want to go on a full-day adventure. We hop on zoom in the morning and get stuff done in 5 hours (we can have yoga & dance breaks).

This is how it works:
- book a connecting call
- decide if you want a full-day adventure or spread your time over 3 months
- for a full-day adventure you pick a date and we hop on zoom and get stuff done
- if you want to spread the time, you send me a message with a task & I get it done within 48 hours

Your investment:

You are ready to commit to have awesome support in your yoga business. You want to grow, but you don't want to go alone.

This is a 3 month adventure where you have my unlimited* support for your business. You can hit me up with endless questions on whatsapp, hop on zoom calls when you need, send any tasks my way that need to get done. I can also sub for you when you need a day off! You also get access to my knowledge bank as long as you are an active member.
*unlimited, within reasonable limits, up to 20 hours in the 3 months

This is how it works:
- book a connecting call
- join the Unicorn Membership & receive your very own dashboard where you can find everything about our work & my knowledge bank
- send any tasks or questions my way, anytime (I reply within 48 hours)
- after the 3 months you decide if you want to stay a member, your membership is then monthly.

After the 3 months, you can stay a Unicorn Member at a discounted price.

Your investment:
For the first three months:

Then monthly:

This is for you if...

  • you are a yoga teacher
  • your business has (or wants to grow) an online presence
  • you are willing to invest in your business to grow

This is not for you if...

  • you don't have an online business & not looking to grow one
  • you want to do everything on your own
  • you want me to do everything for you (you gotta show up!)

It all starts with Connection!

Before we start working together, I ask you to book a free connecting call so that we can get to know each other & see if we're a good fit!