One-on-One with Katie

Private FUNctional movement sessions to find movements that feel good in YOUR body

Find the FUN in movement!

  • you hate going to the gym or on those "stupid mental health walks"?
  • you can't seem to find a workout that you like and works for your body?
  • movement isn't fun for you (e.g something hurts, doesn't feel comfortable)?
  • you enjoy yoga, but you feel like something is missing?

This is how it works:



Fill in my student intake form & let's have a short chat to see if we are a match! Then we can set our date(s)!



Our sessions take place on zoom, unless otherwise agreed upon to practice in person*.

*In person possible in Slovenia or the Netherlands.


Explore & Play

One session is 1 hour and in that time we find FUNctional movements that work for your body!
You will get a workbook that includes all we discussed.

Why choose one-on-one?

  • No pressure to perform
    Unlike group classes, here all the attention is on your body, your movement and you get to do whatever feels good without comparing yourself to others!
  • Who doesn't love shortcuts?
    You could try out many more different sports until you stumble upon one that fits you. You could try life hacks from the internet to fix that back pain.
    Or you book a one-on-one session where we look at what your body needs!
  • Deep Dive
    Always wondered what that strange noise in your shoulder is? Why it feels so good to stretch your body in the morning? Let's go deep and explore any topic you're interested in!

Meet your FUN guide!

Hi, I'm Katie!

I've tried so many different workout styles that left me feeling not good enough or even injured. Until I discovered FUNctional yoga.

I teach embodied fun flow classes. This means that we focus on creating healthy movement patterns by exploring simple and fun movements. The goal is to find ways to move your body in a way that feels good for you! 

Other random data points about me:

  • 500hr certified yoga teacher
  • Hungarian, Dutch, in love with Slovenia
  • love unicorns, transformers, potatoes

Choose your adventure:

Solo Session


The link takes you to the student intake form. No payment required yet!

  • In person / via zoom
  • 1 hour session
  • YOUR practice
  • Workbook

Practice Package


The link takes you to the student intake form. No payment required yet!

  • In person / via zoom
  • 5 x 1 hour sessions
  • YOUR practice
  • Workbook