Yogi Help Podcast

a podcast for yoga teachers

The Yogi Help podcast is the ultimate resource for yoga teachers seeking to elevate their practice and business.
Hosted by Katie, a yoga teacher and tech nerd.
Each episode is like grabbing a cup of tea together - we chat about everything yoga and business! Expect inspiring stories, practical tips, and fun interviews with fellow yogis who've been there, done that.
Tune in to join the journey and take your yoga practice and business to new heights. Let's flow together!

About Your Host

Hi there, beautiful being!

My name is Katie Roth and I'm your host on the Yogi Help podcast.

I'm a yoga teacher and tech girl for other yoga teachers.

I started the podcast to have a place where you can come to have a little pick me up or have inspiration or new ideas. But without the sense of falling behind or not being good enough.